Contacting BT Customer Service

British Telecommunications, shortened to BT, is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world. It not only dominates the telecommunications market in Britain, but has locations in over 170 countries in the world. The company offers various communications services such as mobile services, phone broadband, global IT services and television services. It brags of being the first company to connect a whole country through telephone services, and has done a commendable job since it was founded.

The company wasn’t always known as British Telecommunications. It began as the Electric Telegraph Company way back in 1846, and has been known by many names since then. At the time, communication was mostly done through snail mail, and the company was then head of post offices. With time, telephones became the major means of communications and the name of the company changed accordingly. It was initially a government owned company but was privatized in 1969. It existed as a public corporation until early last year when it was merged with EE at £12.5billion.

The Company’s Customer Service

Over the years, customers have been complaining of poor BT customer service as it is quite the opposite of Apple customer service. This takes many forms, such as unaddressed concerns and lack of responses among other things. The company has taken several steps to minimize the number of complaints that keep pouring in day after day of poor customer support. This is only right given the critical role that the company plays in the country.

For instance, the combined company, BT- EE has ceased to use the services of providers who were reported to handle customer complaints poorly. The company has also set a target of responding to over 90% of the complaints that come in from customers. This is certainly not going to be an easy task given that out of every 100,000 BT customers, 31 have their complaints virtually ignored. The lack of quick response certainly does not sit well with many customers, and their discontentment has negatively impacted on the profits of the company.

The improved customer care services are not going to come cheaply to customers because BT has pushed its bills up. Now, you have to pay more in order to ensure that your complaints are handled well and in good time. The price changes are however not drastic. The increased prices are incomparable to good customer services, which is why customers are expected to cooperate well.

How to Contact BT

BT Customer Service HelplineAlthough the core problem is poor handling of customer complaints, it is also quite possible that some people do not know how they can get in touch with this telecommunications company. The good news is that information on how to contact the company is relatively easy to find. The simplest way to contact the company is through phone. You can find the contact numbers on the company’s website. At the site, there are numbers for various departments. This minimizes confusion and makes it easy for both customers and providers to communicate about specific problems. In the long run, it enhances efficiency and minimizes frustration for customers.

Alternatively, you could contact the company through mail. There are various post addresses at the company’s website as well, so be sure to visit it if you want to send them mail. The company endeavors to reply to mail within ten days of receiving mail, which is rather efficient of them.

If you want to receive faster services, then you can opt to contact the company through email or to live chat with them. These instant means of communication are preferable if you need urgent services, or if you want your concerns addressed fast. They also come in handy if you wish to communicate with the company and don’t reside in the U.K.


It would be fair to say that although currently BT is struggling with its customer service, it is doing its best to improve the service. So if your call goes unanswered, or you have to wait for ages before you get a reply to your email, know that the company is doing its best to get to you soonest possible. Be patient. The company is also quite ambitious in setting a target of answering 90% of customer complaints in the U.K, and it has in fact taken practical steps towards achieving this goal. With time, the company’s customer service will without doubt be great.

Getting Support From Apple Customer Service

For a long time, Apple has been a leader in technical support in the tech industry and it expanded its help options in December 2016 with the unveiling of the Apple Support App. Adding to the already existing support appendix of phone call support, Genius Bar and, Apple now addresses inquiries through documentation, social media platforms, real-time online chats and phone calls with agents through the Apple Support App.

Official Apple Website

Using the official company support website,, you can get help for all your Apple product related queries. From the website you can obtain the official Apple contacts used in your country, options for purchasing genuine products and their respective repair solutions.

Through the Apple Financial Services, you can get product financing for consumers, businesses and educational institutions. To find expert consultants in the U.S. or Canada, visit the Apple Consultant Networks page. Using the Training Center Locator page, you can find any Apple authorized training center on the globe. The Reseller Locator page enables you to find Apple authorized resellers in the U.S. On the Apple Authorized Resellers page Apple offers industry know-how, multi-platform services and Mac-based solutions for many organizations worldwide.

Genius bar

The Genius bar is tech support station found in Apple retail stores tasked with the purpose of providing caretaker kind of support for customers of Apple products. Employees working at the Genius bar station are specially trained and certified there for the main purpose of helping customers with all their Apple hardware and software queries.

Phone support

For 7 days a week from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. central time, you can reach UK Apple on the phone number listed on to purchase your Apple product and accessories. Using the same number you can get a status update or make changes to your purchase order.

Apple repair customer servicesIf you are a business or a professional user, you can make your purchase through the number 1-800-854-3680, from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. 7 days a week. For corporate and government purchases, Apple can be reached through the number (877)412-7753. To purchase for students and teachers, the number 1-800-692-7753 is available from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., 7 days a week.

If you’re making a purchase on behalf of an educational institution, you can call 1-800-800-2775 for 7 days a week from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Central time.

Apple Support App

With the unveiling of the Support App in December 2016, getting tech support from Apple has been made much easier. The app enables you to jump straight into Apple’s support page from your device. On opening the app, a list of all your Apple registered devices is displayed making it easier for you to find documentation that has been tailor made for your device or product, troubleshooting tips and direct access to repair shops such as Apple Stores. It also provides you with the option to call, chat or email an expert. Moreover, it gives you the option to schedule a callback at your own convenience.

Social media platforms

On Twitter, you can effectively get customer support for your device using the handle @AppleSupport, a newly launched Twitter account. On this platform you can get support for queries regarding Apple Music, Apple IDs among others. Apple also has Twitter accounts for specific products such as the Beats 1 using the account @Beats1, Apple Music at @AppleMusic and iTunes using the account @iTunes.

Complimentary services

For most hardware and software products, Apple offers unlimited complimentary support for the first 90 days out of the box. The Apple Watch Edition has a 2 year complimentary support duration.

Through telephone support, Apple provides complimentary hardware support for basic setup, installation, assembly and connectivity. The company also provides complementary software support installation, launch or re-installation provided your hardware configurations meet the minimum system requirements for the software.

Apple support communities

The company has also put up support communities that bring together Apple users from around the world. Here you get to ask questions, find answers and connect with the Apple community. The most experienced member of the community help you in navigating through your queries at absolutely no cost. Examples of the featured topics include learning how to manage my subscriptions, merging photos in photos for Mac among others.

Being one of the big players in the tech industry, Apple boasts of one of the most effective customer support services. While providing technical support through avenues such as phone support, their official website and the Support app among others, through Apple customer service, the company maintains a good relationship with its customers.

BT Telecommunications Corporation

BT Telecommunications was not labeled as the leading communications company in the UK for no reason. The purpose and strategy in addition to the business practice and c
ode of ethics has led this company quite a long way in the world of communications. As a society, we have become so invested into our technology and most importantly, our mobile telephones. Where would we be without a company that has served its products and services all over the UK as well as the globe in general? Keep reading to discover why this company is so successful in what it does and how it serves the communications community.

The purpose of this company to make the world better through the power of communication. BT’s experts make it a point to bring together the best networks and technology creating connections and new possibilities. As the leading provider of fixed voice and broadband, the services of managed networked IT services is provided through this company to some of the largest companies all over the world. BT is Europe’s largest telecom service.

I know what you’re thinking. So what is there strategy? What makes this company so incredibly successful and reliable? The fact that they have a specific set of goals, purposes, strategies, and organization is why. The purpose they all work for it to create a better world with the power of communication. This created their central goal of growth. They want to grow their revenue through delivering sustainable services. The strategy in which they use is directly through customer relationships. They want the most broad and yet connection with their various customers all over the world. BT achieves all of this in a variety of organized ways. Through differentiated content, applications, and of course, services, the customer receives a great experience. By having the best network in the UK and using fully converged service providers they are invested in their growth which also contributes to excellent customer service, but most importantly, customer relat
ionships. By marketing their leadership in all of the United Kingdom segments they transform their costs. They also achieve transforming their costs by focusing on multinational companies around the globe.

BT also forms organizational tactics through having global services, having both business AND public sectors, offering wholesale and ventures. BT prides themselves on delivering excellent customer service, bringing the benefits of a connected society to all of their customers, and finally, supporting communities through people and technology. Helping ten million socially disadvantaged people access a higher performing rate of healthcare helps them learn and also gain employment opportunities. BT helps over five million children experience a better education through technology.

BT Telecommunications is an excellent company. It is the leading broadband service in the UK. It is successful for a variety of reasons. First, they are involved in what can be considered the most popular market out there right now as it is forever changing and growing- technology. Mobile phones specifically are the most used product globally. They are not only successful because of the field they are involved in. They have entirely transformed the field of technology and telecommunications because of their specific purpose, set goals, and organization. They truly do care about the relationships with their customers. That is so important because in the world of technology it is hard to feel a personal connection between a business and a customer. BT provides the small business feel on a large corporation scale globally. This means that customers of all ages can experience the wonderful customer service in which they need and appeals to them. BT Telecommunications is a successful and diverse company.