BT Telecommunications Corporation

BT Telecommunications was not labeled as the leading communications company in the UK for no reason. The purpose and strategy in addition to the business practice and c
ode of ethics has led this company quite a long way in the world of communications. As a society, we have become so invested into our technology and most importantly, our mobile telephones. Where would we be without a company that has served its products and services all over the UK as well as the globe in general? Keep reading to discover why this company is so successful in what it does and how it serves the communications community.

The purpose of this company to make the world better through the power of communication. BT’s experts make it a point to bring together the best networks and technology creating connections and new possibilities. As the leading provider of fixed voice and broadband, the services of managed networked IT services is provided through this company to some of the largest companies all over the world. BT is Europe’s largest telecom service.

I know what you’re thinking. So what is there strategy? What makes this company so incredibly successful and reliable? The fact that they have a specific set of goals, purposes, strategies, and organization is why. The purpose they all work for it to create a better world with the power of communication. This created their central goal of growth. They want to grow their revenue through delivering sustainable services. The strategy in which they use is directly through customer relationships. They want the most broad and yet connection with their various customers all over the world. BT achieves all of this in a variety of organized ways. Through differentiated content, applications, and of course, services, the customer receives a great experience. By having the best network in the UK and using fully converged service providers they are invested in their growth which also contributes to excellent customer service, but most importantly, customer relat
ionships. By marketing their leadership in all of the United Kingdom segments they transform their costs. They also achieve transforming their costs by focusing on multinational companies around the globe.

BT also forms organizational tactics through having global services, having both business AND public sectors, offering wholesale and ventures. BT prides themselves on delivering excellent customer service, bringing the benefits of a connected society to all of their customers, and finally, supporting communities through people and technology. Helping ten million socially disadvantaged people access a higher performing rate of healthcare helps them learn and also gain employment opportunities. BT helps over five million children experience a better education through technology.

BT Telecommunications is an excellent company. It is the leading broadband service in the UK. It is successful for a variety of reasons. First, they are involved in what can be considered the most popular market out there right now as it is forever changing and growing- technology. Mobile phones specifically are the most used product globally. They are not only successful because of the field they are involved in. They have entirely transformed the field of technology and telecommunications because of their specific purpose, set goals, and organization. They truly do care about the relationships with their customers. That is so important because in the world of technology it is hard to feel a personal connection between a business and a customer. BT provides the small business feel on a large corporation scale globally. This means that customers of all ages can experience the wonderful customer service in which they need and appeals to them. BT Telecommunications is a successful and diverse company.